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At Extreme Exotics, located in Mesa, we have an extensive collection of Isopods, invertebrates and other exotics that make great pets such as tarantulas, scorpions , lizards, snakes, and tortoises. While dogs, cats and birds are more common pets, but over the years reptiles have become more and more popular. If you …

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Extra Pet Services

As well as isopods,invertebrates and reptilian pets, we also sell different types of tanks and pet foods. Furthermore, we offer many supplies such as substrates and unquie decorations for your isopod and exotics. Our staff is very experienced and able to answer any query you might have regarding the care of your new …

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Why us?

Our team is very knowledgeable about isopods ,invertebrates and reptiles. We know that taking care of any pet, whether it is a dog or a reptile, can be difficult – so we’re always ready to help you out if we can. Our pets are all healthy, and we take good care of them while they are living in our facilities .If you …

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Apr 18, 2021
Phillip Tabor Jr.

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